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Westgate commit to doing more to reduce the impact of plastic pollution…

Having supported the Marine Conservation Society since May 2019, Westgate have committed to do more with the charity in 2021.

Working in collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society, Westgate will be contributing to support this year’s national Beachwatch volunteer work, which enables thousands of volunteers to run regular beach clean events across the UK.

The annual Beachwatch project sees volunteers spend an average of 35,000 hours cleaning beaches, removing over 640,000 items of litter weighing in at more than 18,000kg!

Beaches, parks and public spaces are suffering the scourge of litter and single-use plastic, from cups to gloves, takeaway food containers and face masks. It’s easy to think that litter on land has no role to play at sea, whereas in fact, 80% of ocean litter comes from land*. In a recent survey, 63% of those asked were very or extremely concerned about marine plastic pollution and 61% were very or extremely concerned about the health of our seas. The concern for the health of our ocean must be echoed in our actions on land, whether on the beach, in a park or strolling down our local high street.

Anne Thwaites, Corporate Partnerships Lead at the Marine Conservation Society says: “We’re delighted to receive support from Westgate for our Beachwatch programme. Without our partners we wouldn’t be able to engage more than 25,000 volunteers each year who help keep our beaches beautiful, removing litter and adding vital data to our 27 year strong beach litter database. Westgate is part of our mission to work towards thriving seas and coastlines.”

David Collins-Lafferty, Marketing Manager at Westgate commented: “Support from Westgate is made possible by the innovative approach we have taken to ensuring our Hoardfast® uPVC product is recycled at end of life, giving all our customers the opportunity to return any Hoardfast products for recycling. Although products have always been recycled, in 2019 we reviewed how Westgate could generate funds from recycling; turning waste into money which we then use to support charities across the UK, including supporting the Marine Conservation Society to fight for a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean”.

In the last two years Westgate have recycled over 400 tonnes of end of life Hoardfast product (which goes on to be remanufactured), and donated over £30,000 to support charities across the UK, with more pledged.


Survey results from nfpSynergy Charity Awareness Monitor from April 2020, 1,000 British adults aged 16+ were surveyed.

*From a 2016 Eunomia report: Plastics in the Marine Environment

The Marine Conservation Society campaigns for clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries, and protection of marine life. Through education, community involvement and collaboration, the Marine Conservation Society raises awareness of the many threats that face our seas and promotes individual, industry and government action to protect the marine environment. The Marine Conservation Society provides information and guidance on many aspects of marine conservation and produces the Good Fish Guide as well as involving thousands of volunteers in projects and surveys such as Beachwatch. www.mcsuk.org.

Photograph supplied by Marine Conservation Society – copyright Tara Proud

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