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Professional protection and security – privacy window films

Does your business deal with sensitive information? Are you overlooked by other offices or pedestrians? You may have expensive and important equipment that you need to protect and safeguard. What is one of the most cost-effective and efficient way to make you feel more protected? Privacy Window Films. Westgate Solar Control are experts in high-quality films and glass coatings, to increase the security and privacy of your business. In addition to being affordable, the beauty of this technology allows natural sunlight through, whilst performing its task effectively at the same time. Why not benefit from our premium quality Privacy Window Films? You have the choice of one-way or two-way privacy options.

One-Way Privacy Window Film

Our One-Way Privacy Window Film allows privacy from one side of the glass, but also permits vision from the opposite side. You need never worry about confidentiality again, with the application of this product. The versatility of this item is impressive. As well as guaranteeing you maximum discretion and security, our Privacy Window Film provides a superb 83% glare reduction. This means that you can enjoy the natural sunlight, but not have the inconvenience of the being virtually blinded whilst you work. It also has a heat rejection of 79%, which is substantial. All of our products are scratch resistant.

Two-Way Privacy Window Film

Do you need Two-Way Privacy Window Film for your business needs? Our product is of the highest quality available. Not only are your assured privacy from the outside of your premises, but it also prevents vision from the inside. You have the option of window graphics to enhance the overall impression. We can install a standard range of block privacy films, or we can create a bespoke design to match your requirements. This product allows the maximum amount of light to pass through, whilst protecting you at the same time. As with the one-way film, this two-way film has excellent energy saving properties, due to its heat rejection capabilities. Although the Two-Way Privacy Window Film has a permanent feel about it, you can remove it and renew it at a later date, should you desire. You may wish to replace or update the window graphic, in line with your company’s ever changing needs.

Quick Supply and Installation Quote Option

Would you like to receive a quick supply and installation quote? We have a facility to accommodate this. Our online window film enquiry is easy to use and we will reply to you by email. All you have to do is provide important details such as the number of panes that you have, the size of each panel, the type of glass that you have and so on. Then input your contact details and indicate when you would like to have the window film installed. When you send it to us, you can be assured that we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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