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Our Flexi range material: strong and durable – tried and trusted.

Made from reinforced fire-retardant fabric, our Flexi range fabric material is ideal for industrial environments

Westgate’s ‘Flexi’ range (including Flexiwall and Flexiscreen), are manufactured from polyester reinforced fire-retardant fabric with PVC or silicon rubber coatings, making them extremely durable across industrial environments, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

It is a common misconception that Flexi partitions will be inferior to traditional partitioning methods. However there is a number of reasons this is not the case;

• Flexi materials are less likely to damage when impacted and the material will stretch
• Should the wall be damaged, the material is easily repaired or a small section of the wall can be replaced

Minimise damage to walls and equipment

In the images above, a forklift had driven up a finished Flexiscreen partition. The Flexiscreen was able to stretch down, then when the forklift left the wall it was able to spring back up with no damage to either the system (except some easily removed tyre marks) or the forklift.

Flexi range material coping with external conditions

Not only are materials able to cope internally they can also cope externally and have an operating temperature of between -25 / +70 degrees. The unique installation process also ensures a tightly sealed finish to reduce air movement around the partition.

Straps can be incorporated to withstand windloading.

In the example below, the inside of the building retained 18 degrees whilst outside there was snow on the ground.

Flexibility to adapt and longevity

The Flexiwall partitioning pictured below is over 25 years old. Westgate were recently called upon to take it down and relocate it to a different part of the factory due to increased space being needed for the customers process.

Protection against heat and sparks

The workers at the site in the image below were able to cut through the concrete slab just by the Flexiscreen base which, despite the intense heat and sparks, suffered no damage at all. A large manufacturing firm requested permission to test our Flexi material against sparks from a sanding disc and grinding disc.

The Flexi material passed all the tests

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