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Common ways to maximise the storage efficiency of a warehouse

As you know, getting the most out of your warehouse storage can revolutionise the way your business works. Here, we look at a range of different options for maximising the storage efficiency of your warehouse.

Mezzanine Flooring

Moving part of your business, such as the break room or admin office,  to a mezzanine floor and away from the warehouse floor can give you up to 50% more storage capacity and companies have seen an additional 1,140 pallet positions incorporated into their warehouse due to the increased floor space. Most mezzanine floors can be constructed without planning permission but if the new floor exceeds 50% of the original floor area the mezzanine structure will need to be fire protected.

Double Deep Racking

Depending on the layout of the warehouse, double deep racking can improve storage by up to 15%. Instead of storing pallets one row deep, pallets are stored two rows deep, utilising vertical height and improving pallet density.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack (NA)

With a Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack (NA) configuration a 10-15% gain in storage space can be obtained. This is due to the reduction of aisle width which can be between 9 and 10ft. However, with each relocation, any other features present in the existing configuration, such as lighting and sprinklers must also be relocated. New trucks must also be purchased. The potential storage increase is improved further with Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack (VNA) configurations and can provide 25-35% more space.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking allows usage of up to 95% of the warehouse space and is another option for maximising space within a warehouse. A cost-effective solution, it is popular in the ever increasing drive for lower warehouse costs. The system allows the operator to open the aisle required with a single command.

Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving systems can increase storage capacity by 70% and are often used in retail stock warehouses. They’re a low cost way to increase floor space and free up room for other processes.

Vertical Cube Utilisation

It’s not uncommon for warehouses to use around 50-75% of vertical utilisation however, a more optimised warehouse can look to achieve around 75-85% vertical utilisation. Through the use of vertical cubes, warehouses can improve their storage space greatly. Additionally, using decking and case flow racks can negate the need for pallet storage, increasing storage capacity by a further 10%.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

By adopting enabling technology such as a warehouse management system (WMS) or an ERP system with a strong WMS module, warehouse efficiency can be improved. These systems work by suggesting best routes and methods for picking and put-away which can also help you with your storage efficiency. Knowing where everything is at all times and having a specific layout and way of integrating new stock can save time and money and means you can really make the most of the space available. Additionally, using barcode or radio frequency identification (RFID) readers can improve accuracy of transactions, and reduce picking errors. Research by the University of Arkansas has shown that RFID can increase accuracy by 27% over the course of just 13 weeks.

Warehouse Partitions

The segregation of warehouse space into contained smaller environments, all within the same location is becoming increasingly common, allowing for the storage of multiple goods at different temperatures or without the risk of cross contamination is something Westgate Group have seen increased demand for in the past 18 months. Flexiwall® is a unique solution made up from reinforced fire-rated PVC and glass cloth panels, which removes many of the usual headaches associated with creating a partition to segregate space. The final partition takes up minimal floor space due to the materials and installation methods used, meaning no load width is required at the base, therefore the final Flexiwall is only a few mm’s wide and can even be installed between existing racking. Systems can be reconfigured and relocated should the requirements within the space change making it a completely convenient and flexible storage solution. In order to maximise storage space within the existing foot print you have, there is a solution in Flexiwall®.

Here at Westgate Factory Dividers, we provide industrial partitions and factory dividers that can help you maximise your storage efficiency. Contact us to find out how we can help: salesteam@westgateuk.co.uk / +44 (0) 1785 242 171.

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