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Common problems faced by contractors working in rural areas

We’ve previously addressed some of the common problems faced by contractors working on city centre fit outs, but what about those contractors who work in rural areas? Well, they do have some of the same issues but they also have some problems unique to them.

Lack of facilities

Working in rural areas often means that you’re miles away from the nearest town. And whilst on-site facilities are legally required for all construction sites, they have extra importance in rural locations. Without the convenience of a nearby town or city, workers will often spend extended periods of time in the on-site welfare spaces. Through the use of Hoardfast internal site hoarding, it is possible to create internal site rooms with the following facilities:

  • Changing rooms and lockers
  • Food preparation areas
  • Break rooms
  • Toilets
  • Wash facilities

Providing the above means that not only are legal requirements being met, but contractors have comfortable facilities to enjoy whilst working in rural areas.

Increased storage demands

Being in a more isolated region means access to equipment and tools is paramount. It also means that all equipment and tools required for all aspects of the project need to be brought on-site. For more urban projects it is often possible to leave behind certain tools and pieces of equipment, bringing in and swapping tools that are needed as the project progresses. For rural projects it’s more convenient to have all the tools needed for the entire project to hand.

Of course, this requires more organisation and there’s an increased demand for storage space. However, this can be easily achieved with internal site hoarding where storage space can be created to a desired size.

Animal infestations

Inevitably in rural areas, there will be animals and critters present. As cute as they can be, they can also be highly destructive to a construction site. There are many different ways of dealing with an animal infestation in a commercial location, however, prevention is always better than cure. Westgate’s internal site hoarding is extremely difficult for rats and other small animals to chew through. By having a physical barrier present, it limits the degree of animal infestation likely to occur.

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