The Wates Group is one of the largest family owned construction, property services and development companies in the United Kingdom.

After securing a project for a call centre office block in Belfast, Wates contacted Westgate to help overcome a very specific temperature and noise issue on the project.

The building’s cladding was being replaced and in order to facilitate this, a temporary noise and weather barrier was needed. The building’s glazing was also removed, exposing the interior to the elements.

Additionally, as this project was carried out through the winter months, protecting employees, who would be continuing to work in the building was a key concern. Controlling the level of noise created from the ongoing works was also vital as the key function of the office was a call centre holding 100s of conversations per day.

Having previously worked with Westgate on multiple other projects Wates made contact to see which of our products could assist.

Westgate stock and supply Hoardfast Firescreen, an 80mm thick, 1m wide, mineral wool filled, 60-minute fire rated hoarding panel, which carried all the technical properties required by Wates to fulfil their project requirements of noise reduction and heat retention.

As the Firescreen panels offered both thermal and acoustic properties as well as their fire rating, the office staff could continue comfortably working in the building with minimum disturbance.

The internal Firescreen panels were fitted floor to ceiling from a concrete floor to structural soffit. In total, 400 linear metres of hoarding and 10 single doors were supplied to Wates on this project.

One of the major benefits of using Westgate on projects like this is that we hold large stocks of hoarding in the UK, available for fast delivery.

Westgate were also able to deliver panels pre-cut, and to the correct heights, which made the installation process much easier and quicker for Wates.

The Hoardfast Firescreen solution is made up of reusable panels that can be used on multiple or phased projects making it extremely cost-effective.

The modular push together system offers quick clean and flexible installation and the 60-minute fire rated panels adhere to the EN 13501-2:2008 (Surpasses Class 0) standard.

Hoardfast Firescreen
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