Uniroyal Global Limited, based in Earby, Lancashire is a leading manufacturer of polymer sheet and coated fabrics. With a focus on surface design and technical product innovation, Uniroyal Global Limited supplies many industries including automotive, contract upholstery and mass transportation.

Westgate were requested to assist in recommending a solution that would help to prevent fabrics becoming too dry and cold for a key manufacturing process. The solution; a partition that would facilitate humidity and temperature control.

“The project was to isolate a section of a warehouse to provide a more consistent temperature and humidity for a lamination process. The install was required to fit in over a very tight Christmas shutdown. Westgate were able to install the whole system before Christmas and allow us to start production immediately in the New Year.

The work was completed to a high standard with the minimum of fuss and mess. The area now runs at the correct temperature and humidity allowing us to run our process on even the coldest and driest days.”

Westgate’s Flexiwall partition is available in a number of materials, including a heavy duty thermal fabric option which provides increased insulation and condensation prevention. Due to the panels thermal properties and tight seal around the profile of the building and existing ducts and pipes, Flexiwall enables separate areas to operate at different temperatures.

Westgate installed the FR630P translucent Flexiwall partition to create a 38m x 18m enclosure within the existing factory. A Flexicurtain access point and steel pedestrian door were also installed to provide access. The Flexiwall partition works to maintain a warm and humid temperature so Uniroyal could continue to operate the rest of the plant efficiently – without having to heat the entire factory.

Westgate also installed Anchorwall anti-collapse steel mesh to racking positioned on one side of the Flexiwall. This was an additional preventative safety measure now that a partition had been installed within the space.

The addition of the permanent but relocatable Flexiwall partition meant that if Uniroyal decide to expand or change the layout of their plant, they could move the temperature controlled area with ease.

Installation took only one week, and from the initial order to the completed wall, the project took in total 4–6 weeks.

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