UK GSE Ltd recently appointed Westgate to assist on a project they were working on for a 3PL company running warehouse operations for a new online clothing subscription company.

The online clothing company have an established presence in the USA, and were setting up their first distribution centre in the UK, operating out of Optimus Point in Leicester.

The end user had previously used a fabric wall in their American depot that was not dissimilar to Westgate’s Flexiwall product, and was used as a photo studio for models. They were looking for a similar setup in their new UK depot.

Having worked with Westgate and the Flexiwall product before, on a high bay warehouse project in Oslo, GSE were confident in the Flexiwall product to deliver on this bespoke partitioning project.

Based on the end user’s requirements, Westgate designed and installed a bespoke 3.7m high free-standing steel frame, infilled with the fabric Flexiwall partitioning material. The final enclosure measured 275 m2 consisting of 1 x 25m wall and 2 x 11m walls. Also included were two steel double pedestrian doors for access.

Many customers requiring a part height enclosure within an existing space tend to request and opt for a solid partitioning solution, such as Anchorwall or Hoardfast, but this project shows the versatility of a fabric partition such as Flexiwall and a great use of this versatility by the client.

Apart from cost savings Flexiwall is quicker and cleaner to install than other traditional partitioning methods and can even be reconfigured, removed or relocated should business needs evolve. It also requires minimal floor space to help maximise the existing space within a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

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