Terex Equipment Ltd, part of Volvo Group’s Construction Equipment division, is dedicated to pioneering machines that withstand the test of time, drawing on over 60 years of expertise to create heavy duty, durable machines that offer a productive work shift, with minimum downtime and maximum return on investment.

Segregation was required at their facility to separate fabrication and assembly areas. By partitioning off the welding and grinding process producing dirt and fumes, the assembly area and finished products would remain clean.

Having used Westgate previously (a 20 year old Flexiwall that is still in use), Terex called on Westgate to divide another area using Flexiwall, a unique fabric floor-to-ceiling partition that contains dust and odours. Additionally, by using a fire resistant glass-cloth material (FP560PU), fire egress distances were reduced, ensuring compliance with local building control and insurers requirements.

As a specialist fabric partition supplier and installer Westgate are used to overcoming the complexities of onsite installations. On this project there were multiple obstruction and access complications, including having to complete the installation, across and between, side by side gantry cranes. Due to the unique design of Flexiwall, installations can be completed by our experienced and accredited teams within existing layouts, reducing the need for expensive reconfigurations or extended downtime.

In total over 305 linear metres of Flexiwall and 5 Fastflex fast action doors were installed. Several Fastflex doors were designed and supplied, including one at a bespoke size of 10m(w) x 6m(h). As an integrated solutions provider, Westgate designed, supplied and installed all products, providing Terex with a single point of contact for project management and delivery.

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