Spectra Packaging deliver flexible and responsible solutions for plastic packaging and work with leading brands in the toiletries, cosmetics and personal care sectors.

Spectra needed a way to segregate their manufacturing site in Suffolk, specifically creating segregation between production and storage areas.

“From initial contact to the finished installation, Westgate kept us informed of the progress and all options that we had available for our application. The fitting team were very clean and tidy, and the final product looks and performs as expected. Following our customer open day, we had a request for Westgate’s details. They liked the installation and thought it would be a good addition to their site also, which I believe speaks for itself regarding the appearance and performance of the factory divider”.

Westgate provided a Flexiwall partition that was 20m wide x 5.6 – 7.8m high, fitting to a curved roof. Spectra made it clear that the structure needed to be very corporate, with the colours matching their existing brand colours. One of the many benefits of using Flexiwall is that it’s very easy to provide corporate colours and branding to ensure consistency.

As well as the Flexiwall partition, 2 sliding pedestrian doors and 1 Fastflex fast action door at 4x4m were installed. With the Fastflex fast action door, an intelligent radar sensor was installed to detect fork lifts but not humans. The additional steelwork for these was also manufactured and installed by Westgate. This kind of integrated solution is something Westgate often provide, whenever the project or client requires some additional extras to the system.

Flexiwall’s unique suspended installation method and the cleverly designed v-overlap to connect panels ensures an over 99% dust tight seal, dramatically reducing the risk of contamination between two separate areas.

On-site installation of both Flexiwall, Fastflex fast action doors and pedestrian doors took place over four days. One of the benefits of Flexiwall is the quick installation time, which means less downtime for businesses. And crucially, the installation process creates less dust and mess compared to timber stud or masonry partitions.


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