As with all businesses, downtime costs money and preventing or minimising the impact of this is at the top of the agenda for Directors and Senior Management.

So when Sainsbury’s required an area of their distribution centre cleaning, Westgate were approached by the RG Group to assist in formulating and delivering a timely and cost effective solution.

It was imperative to this project that the final product offered a temporary, cost effective solution that could be turned around in a short time frame. It was also important that the distribution centre could maintain deliveries and high standards while works were completed.

Westgate recommended their Flexiscreen® product, which is a temporary, custom made, suspended solution. On this occasion and to ensure that the recommendation was cost effective, as per one of Sainsbury’s key requirements, the system was designed and manufactured from Yellow factory seconds material. The end result of this was a 20% saving in the final cost.

Westgate were the chosen supplier for this project due to their ability to turn Sainsbury’s requirements around in a short time frame. From the initial enquiry on the 20th May the project was surveyed, quoted, agreed, manufactured and installed by the 7th June, allowing cleaning works to start.

The onsite installation took only 4 days in total. On the 30th June cleaning work was completed and the Flexiscreen® was removed and recycled, ensuring that there were no environmental impacts from this project.

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