When it comes to building alterations, different sites require different approaches. For example, two separate buildings might need a superficially similar result, but the ways in which the jobs are carried out are likely to be very different from one another. The conditions, climate, shape and size of the location all have to be accounted for, and Westgate have the capability and the experience to adapt in any scenario.

One case of a location requiring a particularly patient, logical and thought-out approach towards alteration was the Royal Mail North London Distribution Centre, where Westgate were tasked with providing a partition to create a 75m x 27m enclosure.

The very use of the train terminal structure means that it is wide open at one end and closed off at the other leaving it open to the British weather!

Before being able to use the space for its new function of a parcel sorting area the Royal Mail wanted to establish a way to create an enclosure to protect employees from the elements. It was also important to take in to account the closure of several railway tracks while the works were completed, meaning that the project needed to be finished within a tight timeframe and to an exacting project plan.

Westgate provided the following solution:

  • Anchorwall® double skin insulated panels were connected to the floor, up to a height of 3.6m, above which Flexiwall® FR630 translucent fabric was placed, which allowed in natural light.
  • The Flexiwall® material was then profiled to fit the shape of the curved roof at the top of the terminal and suspended using existing steel work to minimise additional building requirements.
  • A gap of approximately 1 metre was left open at the top of the partition to allow for sufficient air to flow into the enclosure and to prevent potential for pressure build-ups: this requirement had been established at site survey and wind load testing.
  • An outside wall was lined with Hoardfast® Flamescreen Zero 35mm panels to help increase insulation in the building, and also to enhance its overall appearance.
  • Two Fastflex® Impact rapid action doors, hinged doors and sliding steel Anchorwall® doors, and Easiguard crash barriers were also installed to accommodate the arrival and exit of vehicles and pedestrians.
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