“Excellent work and the team had a great attitude to working in this environment. We would recommend Westgate to any client going forward.”

Having worked with Westgate previously, a global pharmaceutical company (and their engineering consultants) knew they could rely on Westgate to divide this particular facility during a construction project and support on contamination prevention in the surrounding areas of the facility.

Flexiscreen was chosen as a floor-to-ceiling, compact, clean, robust, and non-disruptive way of dividing their 14m tall facility, during the planned 12 month project to construct and install a new freezer. Prevention of dust spread and contamination control is of particular importance in such clean facilities.

Flexiscreen only needs two skilled installers and a MEWP, and can be installed in operational hygienic environments, without causing any costly downtime. It’s fitted neatly around high-level services, and offers a 99%+ dust tight seal with its unique v-overlap system.

Flexiscreen is strong (3 ton/LM tensile strength) and absorbs any impact, minimising damage and maintenance requirements. Additionally, as a one-off purchase, there are no costly rental implications nor regular safety checks required, such as is required for alternative solutions.

Furthermore, in spite of the required 14m screen height, the Flexiscreen solution doesn’t require any additional mid span support structure to keep the screen in place, and can be easily installed to any height while remaining extremely compact.

This ensures work space around the new freezer installation is maximised. A fire escape access door was incorporated within the Flexiscreen, which included a digilock for CDM compliance and a fire escape push pad. Being a sensitive high profile site, Westgate also fitted a 3m high free-standing rigid Hoardfast modular uPVC partition in front of the Flexiscreen, as a secondary measure of maximum protection.

As this project was during the coronavirus pandemic, the Flexiscreen was designed and manufactured remotely using 3D drawings provided by the company, followed by rapid delivery and on-site installation by Westgate, 4 weeks from the order date. The engineering consultancy managing the project was able to award a ‘SafeContractor of the Month’ award on the back of Westgate’s safe working.

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