Westgate were recently involved in a project with Multiplex Construction to provide a range of temporary welfare facilities for a new build construction site in central London. The building at 22 Bishopsgate is a commercial skyscraper under construction, which will occupy a prominent site in the City of London’s financial district. Once completed this commercial building will stand 278m tall with 62 storeys.

Modular Hoardfast uPVC panels were supplied to Multiplex Construction in order to provide a system that could be installed, demounted and reused throughout the project for convenience and ease.

This also meant that there was little to no waste on the project, and less time wasted transporting hoarding on and off site throughout the entire project. Westgate’s hoarding solutions are much quicker and cleaner to install than traditional methods such as timber stud and plasterboard, and because Hoardfast uPVC panels are manufactured from 85% recycled materials, they offer a sustainable product for the customer.

Westgate provided Hoardfast uPVC to create: 40 toilet cubicles, 3 shower cubicles, a separate room to house urinals, sinks and hand dryers.

Whilst traditional toilet cubicles cost around the same as those made from our Hoardfast uPVC panels, Westgate’s solution offers more privacy and provides a much smarter appearance.

Westgate also supplied 400 linear metres of Firescreen panels and 32 doors to create site offices, a canteen, drying room, storage areas and subcontractor offices.

The Hoardfast Firescreen panels are 60-minute fire rated panels adhering to the EN 13501-2:2008 (Surpasses Class 0) European standard to ensure projects meet health and safety requirements and regulations.

“The Westgate system proved to be an outstanding solution which allowed us to quickly establish a high quality welfare facility”.

On this project the customer carried out the installation – although Westgate do have the ability to plan and arrange installation for customers if the project requires it.

Westgate can supply internal site rooms as a standard pre-set package or design bespoke site rooms for your project. All internal site rooms are available in the popular freestanding solution up to 2.7 meters or if you prefer, a floor-to-ceiling option up to 5 meters is available. Additional extras include vision panels, adding a roof and having your installation completed by Westgate.

The lightweight panels can be easily taken down, moved and reinstalled for phased works and freestanding Hoardfast uPVC internal site rooms
can also be purchased or hired according to your requirements.

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