“I wanted to express my delight at how well the product has performed on our project. The amount of dust, smells and fumes we have produced inside our site and not one speck of dust or cloud of smoke has made it past the ‘tent’. Fantastic product and well worth having it erected.”

Set up in 1969, Marshall (Building Contractors) Ltd boast over 45 years experience working on all types of construction and regeneration projects. It is a growing construction company working for both private and public sector clients throughout the UK.

Marshall (Building Contractors) Ltd were working on a project to extend mezzanine floors at The Capital Building in Liverpool. The Capital is the largest office building in Liverpool extending to over 410,000 sq ft. As well as extending mezzanine floors, the project also included the demolition of some existing floors.

Dust containment was a major consideration on this project due to there being a number of surrounding shops, live cafe area on the third floor and continued access to the general public, so Marshall (Building Contractors) Ltd needed a full enclosure including a ceiling that would stop any dust contamination throughout the rest of the building.

In order to facilitate this requirement Westgate and Marshall (Building Contractors) Ltd worked on a design using Westgate’s temporary dust screen solution, Flexiscreen. The Flexiscreen product is regularly used and trusted in high risk areas such as food and vehicle manufacturing during project work.

A major advantage of Flexiscreen is that it is designed and manufactured in lightweight fabric panels, which are connected using a v-overlap system. This made it simple to approach each area of the screen separately designing fitted and dust tight panels to suit. An enclosure which consisted of a large front drop, three sides and a ceiling was installed with the addition of tension straps to help restrict lateral wind movement.

The temporary dust screen is quick and clean to install and during phased works can be moved and reconfigured, offering a robust and cost-effective alternative to scaffold sheeting, with the guarantee of an over 99% dust tight seal.

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