“It was a refreshing change to work with a company that worked hard to achieve our requirements in relation to cost and product quality, and not just push their standard products. The installation was smooth and problem free. I would certainly have no issues in recommending them for future contracts within our organisation”

Westgate recently supplied Jerram Falkus Construction Limited with their Hoardfast Firescreen 60 and budget uPVC hoarding panel to form a temporary internal canteen and drying room on a new build construction site in Hoxton, London.

Being an inner city building project there was no external room to locate welfare cabins on site and so an alternative solution was required in order to create welfare spaces for workers. Hoardfast site rooms were therefore installed in a nearby empty building to provide a clean area for the workers’ welfare needs.

As the empty building was not heated the use of the Firescreen panel provided additional thermal insulation for workers, further to this the Firescreen panel carries acoustic insulation properties, helping to reduce noise from the busy building works in the nearby designated areas.

Hoardfast Firescreen is Westgate’s modular steel-faced fire-safe paneling system that is comprised of panels tested for 60 minutes fire integrity and insulation. When the surrounding substrates permit a suitable installation technique, a fully rated compartment wall can be created.

The mineral wool filled Firescreen panels slot together easily with a tongue and groove fixture, providing quick installation and the ability to easily relocate and reconfigure setups. The panels are either free standing, supported by a weighted foot, or held in line by floor and ceiling u-channels.

As Firescreen was used for the perimeter walls of the site room, providing thermal and acoustic properties, there was no need for this inside of the structure. Therefore, as a more cost effective solution Hoardfast uPVC Budget panel was used to create an internal dividing wall to form two rooms.

Hoardfast uPVC Budget is used where a floor to ceiling, economical, temporary screen is required for various fit out and renovation works. It is a quicker, cleaner and cheaper way to create a partition rather than using plasterboard. The system is fully relocatable and can be stored after or between renovation jobs. This has the added benefit of helping to achieve sustainability and environmental impact targets.

The installation of this particular project was incredibly swift taking just 2.5 days to complete on-site.

Hoardfast Firescreen
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