Established in 1977, Hydram Engineering supplies precision sheet metal products, components and precision fabrications. They are one of the largest sheet metal fabrication companies in Europe, employing over 250 people at their 115,000 square foot facility. Developments at Hydram Engineering meant that they required a separate space within the existing facility where they could manufacture specialist items. Having researched options, Westgate were approached regarding Flexiwall, an innovative system used to create floor to ceiling partitions in large spaces like factories and warehouses.

Offering an over 99% dust tight seal, Flexiwall was ideal to create a three sided enclosure that would minimise dust in the area. Flexiwall is easily installed within the structure and shape of the building, utilising all the existing steel work. Where additional steel work is required, Westgate fabricate and install this to simplify the purchasing process for the customer. Flexiwall can be installed to work around pipes and any protrusions, without compromising the over 99% dust tight seal.

As a suspended and tensioned partition, Flexiwall only requires minimal floor space (millimetres) and therefore reduces the possibility of having to move existing equipment or operations. Flexiwall can also be easily reconfigured, moved or taken down should the needs of the business change, all without any lasting damage.

“We chose Flexiwall because we had seen one located within another factory and it looked aesthetically very good. The solution proved cost effective, quick and easy to install with minimal disruption to a busy production area. The staff from initial contact through to the install team were all very professional, proficient and knowledgeable about the product and its applications.”

Hydram Engineering had a three sided Flexiwall enclosure installed, totalling 29m wide and at its highest point 7m high and vision panels were also incorporated into the installation. Company logos were added to the finished enclosure to provide a corporate and branded environment for employees and visitors.

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