Constantly evolving and keeping up to date with the changing market and demands of the industry, Halcion Express now also offers storage solutions for its customers which include Asda, John Lewis, Tesco, Lakeland and Bentley.

Due to the ever changing demands of the industry and client needs, Halcion Express required a partition in their new warehouse premises; to segregate the new loading bay area from the rest of the warehouse.

“For nearly 40 years, Halcion Express located in Newcastle, Staffordshire, has operated as an independent presence in the UK distribution industry, servicing a range of clients throughout the UK and beyond.”

Segregating the two areas would benefit the customer in two ways; firstly controlling dust ingress to the warehouse and secondly by controlling the overall temperature of the segregated space. These conditions would also support Halcion Express should they wish to achieve BRC certification in the future. Halcion’s architect on the new warehouse project, initially suggested a solid bottom section and Flexiwall for the top section of the partition wall. However after a period of consultation and recommendation from Westgate, it was agreed that a Flexiwall floor to ceiling solution be used, combining Easiguard crash barriers for additional protection against accidental damage.

The Flexiwall floor to ceiling solution is a more cost effective option in the short-term as installation times are shorter, therefore reducing project costs; and in the long-term as Flexiwall solutions are easily adapted or even relocatable should the needs of the business change in the future.

The Easiguard crash barrier reduces the chance of damage to the Flexiwall, but in the event that damage does occur, Flexiwall panels can be easily replaced and cost less than repairing damage to a solid wall.

The final partition wall measured 37m wide by 10m high and was made out of translucent fabric, allowing natural light to easily flow between the two separated areas and saving on additional lighting costs. It also included a Flexicurtain (with vision panel) access point and a steel pedestrian door to enable staff to enter from the loading bay into into the warehouse.

The entire job from initial quote to installation was completed in just over eight weeks, with the final installation taking place in under one week.

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