Westgate was recently approached by Great Bear Distribution, to provide a large newly constructed distribution centre with a permanent partition.

The purpose of this partition was to create a temperature controlled area for the safe storage and handling of pharmaceutical goods.

Great Bear is responsible for the operation of more than five million square feet of warehousing space in the United Kingdom and this was not the first time that the company had called upon the expertise of Westgate and our Flexiwall solution.

The requirements of the job included the provision that the partition had to be ‘one hour’ fire rated, to ensure that insurance requirements were met for the storage of these products.

The ideal solution for creating the required partition for the high bay warehouse was a Flexiwall, manufactured in FP560 glass cloth fabric, coated in silicon; this provided and passed the ‘one hour’ fire rating requirements, needed for the insurance.

Flexiwall consists of a number of bespoke designed panels, which fit the profile of any building, this was essential for creating an enclosure within the existing space. The final system has a foot print which is only millimetres deep, ensuring it can be installed in tight spaces – including between racking within a distribution centre. Flexiwall offers flexibility should the needs of the space change in the future, whether that be reducing, enlarging or even moving it elsewhere, as solutions can be taken down, remanufactured as required and reinstalled, this makes Flexiwall a safe investment for unpredictable changes.

Among the benefits of the Flexiwall solution is the fact that it is clean to install, therefore reducing business downtime. It also results in considerably less mess and dust during the period of installation than is generally the case with other options, such as masonry partitions or timber stud.

The dimensions for the final complete partition in the Markham Vale distribution centre were 23 metres high and 138 metres wide. The task of creating a partition for the Markham Vale distribution centre was designed to be carried out in two separate phases to ensure access to one end of the area, so that the air conditioning and racking could continue being installed.

Flexible factory partitioning
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