A global logistics company that provide pivotal supply chain solutions to the most successful companies in the world requested a solution from Westgate to help segregate vehicles and pedestrians in a busy distribution centre.

The company wanted to review and replace a range of plastic and metal barriers that had been installed by other suppliers and that had started to show signs of wear.

Westgate were successful in securing this work as they were able to recommend, design and deliver a cost effective solutions backed by excellent customer service right from the onset.

The project was carried out in several phases to accommodate operational requests. Westgate installed Easiguard “W” barriers and “A” safe plastic barriers internally to define personnel walkways and forklift truck routes. The Easiguard “W” barriers were metal galvanised and yellow powder coated to protect the main building columns where the previous plastic protection had not been robust enough.

Also included in the project were pedestrian gates that were used to define crossings in the warehouse and protect pedestrians from vehicles. Westgate also installed external tubular truck stops and more Easiguard “W” barriers to create a safe walkway behind the truck stops.

Westgate were versatile with the solution, hence the reason for plastic barriers in some places and metal in others. Westgate’s approach to delivering a bespoke solution best fitted to the customer’s needs is one of the reasons they were chosen for the project.

Easiguard is a steel barrier protection system designed to protect walls, doors, machinery, racking and personnel from potential collisions. The system can be supplied with or without installation and a range of barrier options and configurations are available including barriers, bollards, fences, rails and gates.

The system can be supplied ready for surface mounting or concreting in to the ground and there are a range of barrier options available to meet specific project requirements.

Easiguard Steel Protection System
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