Westgate recently worked with a manufacturer of wooden equestrian products, to help reduce noise levels for employee welfare.

A busy production schedule meant employees needed to wear ear plugs for protection against noisy cutting processes, so Westgate were approached for a solution to partition the cutting area off from the rest of the building.

Flexiwall is a unique floor-to-ceiling fabric partition that is designed to fit any size and shape of building and will easily install around existing ducts and pipework.

The fabric panels are assembled on-site and suspended to the existing structure or additional fabricated steel work before being tensioned and battened to the floor. This physical barrier, which creates a tight seal to the profile of the building is ideal for reducing noise.

Once the Flexiwall was installed, segregating the cutting area from the rest of the building, it was found that sound was reduced on the non-cutting side from 76.7dB to 54.8dB.

The unique design and installation method of Flexiwall means that offers an over 99% dust-tight seal, which was also a great benefit for this manufacturing facility where dust is created from the wood-cutting process.

Westgate’s market-leading range of partitioning, screening and curtain solutions help manufacturers with noise reduction, dust containment, temperature management, contamination control and more.

Servicing the UK and Europe, Westgate work with brands across a wide range of sectors including automotive and aerospace, disposables, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and general manufacturing.

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