When businesses need to keep operational but at the same time keep progressing the only option is to turn to a solution that allows building and production to happen simultaneously…

“In the past EGGER have worked with Westgate on various projects which have required temporary curtain dividers to protect machinery/plant from contamination. These installations went very smoothly and worked effectively. This time around was no different, from design to actual installation, it was an enjoyable process with the end product providing the protection we required.”

Creating a barrier between two varying functions is no new concept, but creating a building screen within budget, to tight project timescales and with the guarantee of a quality product is the difficult part; not for Westgate!

Recently Westgate was called in by EGGER (UK) Ltd, to take on the job of installing a temporary building and dust screen at their Hexham plant. This needed to be in position whilst a press line was taken out. Across the way from the press line that needed removing was a different machine, which is responsible for the production of thousands of chipboard sheets every day. That machine needed to be protected from the inevitable dust that would be thrown up during the removal of the press line. The amount of dust that would be created by the removal of the press line would almost certainly have caused defects on this operational machine, resulting in expensive wastage.

Westgate recommended and designed a Flexiscreen® solution, which on completion of the installation was 40m in width and 8m in height. Flexiscreen® is able to offer an impressive 99% + dust tight seal, offering excellent protection for the machine against the debris generated by the removal of the press line. The screen needed to be in position for no more than two months. Understandably, EGGER wanted a cost effective solution for this temporary and short term arrangement. Westgate demonstrated their flexibility in this by offering solutions from a range of fabrics and components suited to the project timescales/budget.

The timescale from quote to installation can take up to as long as six months for some jobs, with an installation time of two weeks, depending upon the size of the final building screen. In this instance installation took only three and a half days, demonstrating the speed at which Westgate is capable of installing such systems, especially when a quick solution is essential to the continued operation of a business.


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