Over twenty years ago, Egbert Taylor Group (the leading designer and manufacturer of recycling containers, aesthetic street furniture and galvanized steel containers for recycling and waste), called on Westgate to install an 80m long by 6m high partition wall in their UK warehouse. Recently they contacted Westgate again to relocate it. For the original installation, Westgate suggested their Flexiwall FR610 solution; manufactured in fire rated PVC materials and then suspended and tensioned using the existing buildings structure to form a permanent partition.

It’s fair to say that this revolutionary method can sometimes be seen as a less permanent solution (when compared to alternatives such as masonry or stud), however the wall installed over two decades ago at Egbert Taylor Groups facility is still in place and working well.

Recently, Egbert Taylor Group decided to make some changes to the space within their warehouse to accommodate their growing range of Waste & Recycling Solutions. The company requested that as much as 30 metres of their Flexiwall wall be taken down and relocated; to be used again in another gridline in the same warehouse.

This would be almost impossible had the original solution been a block wall, but Egbert Taylor Group opted for Flexiwall. No ordinary wall, Flexiwall is adaptable (even after standing for over twenty years) and with the expertise of Westgate’s installation team it was most certainly possible to complete the relocation request.

This unique wall solution is installed with the intention of permanent, long standing usage. It also has a clear advantage should circumstances change; it can be easily extended, reduced in size, taken down, reinstalled or otherwise reconfigured, to suit whatever new purpose the customer has in mind.

“The durability and flexibility of the Flexiwall solution has enabled us to adapt the warehouse space to better match our current business and operations requirements. This enables us to accommodate our growing range of Waste Management Solutions and manage our space better”

Flexiwall is cost effective when it comes to partitioning space, but it also saves the customer money by cutting down the time required for installation and therefore minimising potential disruption to a business. It is a safe investment for any firm; not only is it incredibly durable, but it can be changed and adapted, no matter how long it has been in place.

Our Flexiwall solution in Taylor’s warehouse (in place for over two decades!) stands out as an excellent demonstration and testament of this unique product.

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