Don & Low Ltd have over two centuries of experience and knowledge in the production of technical textiles and over 30 years of experience in Nonwoven production. Currently the company manufactures an extensive, high performing and flexible range of woven products.

Westgate were approached by Don & Low Ltd to supply walling that could create a dust and weather tight seal on either side of a drive through area which was between two production buildings at their site in Forfar, Scotland.

“Westgate worked quickly and efficiently to install external partitions to join two separate production buildings, allowing us to protect production from dust, dirt and weather. We are fully satisfied with the service and product supplied”.

Westgate supplied and installed two external Flexiwall partitions – one run at 19m long and one at 13m long, and both 5.7m high.

As it was an exposed area, the Flexiwall incorporated wind load straps and mesh vision panel vents to reduce wind pressure on the partition. A translucent material was chosen to enable the area to receive natural light.

Due to the unique overlap system between panels, Flexiwall offers an over 99% dust tight seal. The addition of the external Flexiwall partitions will ensure that no dust or dirt will enter the factory and contaminate materials, and weather will not have an effect on the factory either, meaning products are kept in the best condition and are not compromised in any way by external forces.

The Flexiwall solution is made up from individual fire rated panels that are then profiled to fit the shape of the building. Using the existing structure or additional fabricated steel work, the panels are suspended and tensioned to form a permanent (but relocatable if required) wall.

Flexiwall partitions are extremely cost-effective, quick to install causing minimal disruption and use just millimetres of floor space. It’s also possible to design the Flexiwall system incorporating branding colours and logos if necessary to enhance the environment.

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