Coveris specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative food packaging solutions. They partner with some of the most respected retailers, manufacturers and brand owners to protect, prolong and improve food products.

Coveris wanted to create a protected area for finished goods that were being stored ready for dispatch. An existing exterior canopy was already in place, but in order to utilise this space better, Westgate were approached to install a surrounding external Flexiwall. These walls would offer the protection required whilst maximising the use of the existing canopy.

Westgate provided and installed a 10m x 10m external Flexiwall which was hung from the existing canopy roof structure. A Fastflex fast action door and a steel pedestrian door were also supplied and installed by Westgate.

This newly created outside area using Flexiwall, not only provided additional storage space but enabled the goods to be stored directly where the trucks would pick up/deliver, increasing operational efficiency during the dispatch and collection process.

Due to the Flexiwall being an external solution, wind load straps were designed and fitted to cope with the additional wind load requirements. Westgate provided the wind load calculations to ensure the Flexiwall could cope with adverse weather conditions.

Another consideration for external solutions is the long term effects of the sun and UV rays, because of this, the Flexiwall was manufactured using an anti- fade material which ensures that there is reduced fading over time and the material will not go brittle and in a grey colour to match the existing cladding.

The Coveris company logo was also fitted to the Flexiwall to showcase company branding and the Fastflex door was also matched as closely to the client’s brand colours as possible to provide a consistent look.

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