A vehicle manufacturing plant approached Westgate with regards to relocating an existing large section of grey Flexiwall partitioning installed by Westgate approximately 10 to 15 years ago. The partition had previously seen a number of other relocations in order to suit the evolving layouts within their space. Being adaptable and relocatable is one of the major benefits of our industry leading partitioning solution.

After discussing the project with the experienced team at Westgate, the client opted for a completely new partition instead of reconfiguring the existing one for a further time. This was due to the number of times the existing partition had already been relocated, combined with the amount of ingrained dirt caused by dust from forklifts and factory operations.

Designed in the clients corporate colours, the lower 2.7 metres of the partition was produced in red, with light grey used in the upper sections. Fastflex rapid roll doors were kitted out in a contrasting yellow design and personnel doors were also used to allow quick and easy access for pedestrians.

The purpose of the partition was to segregate a clean assembly line on one side from the busy logistics operations on the other. The new partition would prevent any dust or dirt transferring to the clean area. A partition was also important for the sake of a general demarcation of different operations and for the purpose of controlling the temperature.

Flexiwall is the ideal solution for this type of project. It’s easily installed in tall buildings (in this instance up to 16m high) and can be reconfigured should things change, plus it’s capable of offering an over 99 percent dust tight seal even around high level penetrations. The disruption to the rest of the work area is minimised while the installation is taking place thanks to the way that the materials are designed and manufactured offsite and then installed quickly onsite.

The installation was completed within the clients tight timescales and further phases are expected.

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