Multimatic supplies engineered components, systems and services to the automotive industry.

They specialise in the engineering and manufacturing of complex mechanisms, body hardware, suspension systems and body structures, as well as the design and development of lightweight composite automotive systems. Multimatic also delivers niche vehicle design, development and production for road and race applications. Based in Canada, Multimatic has manufacturing divisions and engineering facilities all over the world.

Multimatic needed a separate storage area creating at their facility at Earl Place in Coventry. Westgate’s Flexiwall is an ideal partitioning solution for this as it is designed in individual bespoke panels that are profiled to fit the exact shape of the building and can be easily installed around existing high level services.

Westgate suspend, adjoin and tension each panel to form a permanent but relocatable wall. Meaning should Multimatic need to reconfigure the enclosure in the future this can be easily achieved.

Another feature of Flexiwall is that it only requires minimal floor space once installed, which is why Flexiwall is used on a regular basis by businesses creating enclosed areas in existing spaces.

Should there be the presence of racking or other machinery Flexiwall can be easily designed and installed to fit around these.

The Multimatic Flexiwall 3 sided enclosure was a total of 340 square metres, installed up to a ceiling height of 9.2 metres.

A black heavy duty fabric section up to 2.7m from the floor was installed to provide extra resistance against accidental damage. To keep branding consistent, a large version of the Multimatic logo was printed onto the Flexiwall.

As Westgate offer integrated solutions including access options, a roller shutter door was also incorporated into the Flexiwall enclosure.

Flexiwall is quick to install which saves on business downtime, the installation creates less dust and mess compared to other more traditional partitions.

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