Flexiwall is the ideal screening system for use in bottling plants and other food or drink production areas…

To comply with Food Safety Standard FS SC 22000, a world famous drinks company required a screening system at their bottling plant in Scotland.

The screening needed to be installed between the main bottling plant and various storage areas, effectively acting as a barrier to prevent airborne dust from migrating and settling on the bottling lines. This not only complied with their H&S mandates but also improved on food and drink hygiene.

The bottling plant has a policy of altering the layout of the production lines every 5 years or so – therefore the screening had to be relocatable.

The bottling plant were also interested in branding the screening to offer a professional, brightly coloured partition system that would be conducive and contribute towards their move to create a positive workplace culture. The Flexiwall system can have graphics printed straight onto panels; a major bonus over a rigid panel system where vinyl would have to be applied (this could compromise fire performance).

The Flexiwall screening system from Westgate Factory Dividers is an advanced, easily-relocatable industrial partitioning system ideal for taller larger buildings such as factory and warehouse buildings – a perfect match in bottling plants.

Flexiwall is made up with fire-rated reinforced PVC material, suspended from existing roof steelwork and tensioned to form a permanent partition. It can be installed above existing part-height partitioning to create a full-height partition.

The finished job comprised 4 walls amounting to a total of over 100m wide x 13m high. It also included 4 fast action doors, 5 steel pedestrian doors and numerous crash barriers.

The system was installed by Westgate’s professional and experienced fitting team. Owing to the ongoing busy schedule of working bottling plants, there were critical areas to be finished within a limited time frame.

Flexiwall partitions are individually profiled to suit the shape of a building to fit around protrusions such as service pipes and ducting. Prefabricated panels ensure a quick and clean installation process which is essential for hygienic or busy production environments. The Flexiwall system is also easily adapted to form enclosures, tank covers, extraction hoods and machine surrounds too.

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