“The quick and clean installation, being able to reuse and reconfigure the panels, and the ability to add graphics to give information on the project and aid the fundraising message made Hoardfast the ideal solution for the Cathedral organ restoration project”.

The world-famous Canterbury Cathedral, shrine of Thomas Becket and seat of the Archbishop, is one of the oldest Christian structures in England.

Internal freestanding hoarding was required during a project to restore the Cathedral’s organ. The organ and its pipe work needed to be dismantled and removed, whilst the Cathedral remained open for visitors.

Hoardfast uPVC is a reusable, demountable screening system which provides segregation between public and renovation areas. Hoardfast has a unique modular design and tongue and groove system which gives it the ability to be moved around site during phased works. On this particular project at Canterbury Cathedral, this was essential due to the complex network of organ pipes which ran throughout the historical building. The Hoardfast system at Canterbury Cathedral has been installed, demounted and reinstalled more than 5 times.

As the Cathedral was remaining open to the public, Westgate supplied offset weighted supports, which are inserted into the hollow flutes of every other 500mm wide panel, allowing the weights to be applied to the rear side. This stability system is ideal for areas that need to remain open, as not only does it mitigate the risk of toppling over but there are no protruding trip hazards on the public facing side.

Hoardfast uPVC’s clean white finish is ideal for the application of graphics, which can help to maintain visitor experience and was fully utilised on this project.

As panels and components are readily available from large UK stocks, delivery was arranged to suit the project start date.

Hoardfast uPVC
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