Birds Eye Lowestoft wanted to ensure that there was no potential for cross contamination between different product types during its planned and scheduled washdowns. This particular requirement from Birds Eye was being driven by changes in production schedules and staff shift patterns. The cleaning of two production lines would now have to be conducted at different times.

When one line was being washed, the other would be in production, a standard practice in the food industry that drives production efficiencies. There had to be a guarantee that there was no chance of cross contamination from overspray during this process, therefore Westgate offered the Flexicurtain® washdown solution. These curtains provide a protective barrier which prevent overspray and are made using anti-fungal materials which assist with the BRC accreditation. Flexicurtains use stainless steel components and a track which is fixed through the white walling ceiling.

“We have been very impressed with Westgate from initial contact through to completion of installation. The Flexicurtain® product is of a very robust, hygienic design suitable for the demanding environment it is installed in. Prior to order placement we carried out reference visits and tested the curtain material with our cleaning chemicals, all of which had a positive outcome. The installation was well managed and we are very pleased with the final product.”

On this occasion, Westgate installed 40 linear metres of curtain to the full height of 4.5 metres. A vision panel was also installed across the curtain, enabling production staff to keep an eye on everything that was happening on both lines, to remain protected, and also to maintain their extremely high production standards. The ceiling of the Birds Eye site had to be drilled on this occasion, so in order to prevent a lengthy shutdown period, Westgate conducted all installation work over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Any business that requires Flexicurtains for a similar situation can typically expect a quick turnaround of four weeks, from the moment they order the work to the point of full completion.

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