“We visited Westgate’s premises to get a first hand look at the products before deciding what would best suit our needs. Westgate’s sector manager visited us twice to assess the works due to the complex nature of our building.

Westgate were able to accommodate our request for a quick installation programme and the installation team completed works in a safe and efficient manner. Throughout the process communication with Westgate was excellent and the finished product is perfect for our requirements.”

Balfour Beatty plc is a multinational infrastructure group based in the United Kingdom with capabilities in construction services, support services and infrastructure investment. They were working on a customer project in their pre-fabrication facility located in Bromborough, Merseyside, and required a fire rated and cost effective full height partition to segregate the mild steel and stainless steel grinding and welding areas.

There were two major requirements from the final partition design, firstly it was essential that the partition created a tight seal floor-to-ceiling to prevent one area contaminating the other. Secondly the partition needed to be fire rated as there would be grinding and welding occurring right beside it.

From the start it was clear a full-height solid wall carried a number of complexities, including installation around the existing and multiple penetrations at high level. Based on this Westgate worked to design a fire rated solid lower section with a Flexiwall fabric partition above.

Westgate installed 74 metres of Hoardfast Flamescreen at 2.7 metres high, which was fitted between stanchions. Hoardfast Flamescreen adheres to Euro Class E13501-1 B s2 d0 fire class rating and so was suitable for particular fire rated aspects of this project.

Our Flexiwall partition was fitted above this to the roof at 8.25 metres high. Flexiwall was an ideal solution as the partition needed to be fitted around crane rails and extraction ducts which can easily be achieved with this unique fabric wall. Flexiwall also provides an over 99% dust tight seal so there was no chance of contamination between the two separate areas. As Westgate provide an integrated solution for customers, they were also able to supply and install two PVC strip doors for access from one side of the building to the other.

Both Flexiwall and Hoardfast Flamescreen are quick and clean to install with no finishing required, making this a cost effective and low disruption option for segregating factory space, when compared to other traditional partitioning methods.

Hoardfast Flamescreen
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