Our Environmental Commitment – ISO 14001:2015 Certified

At Westgate Group, we aim to supply products that minimise damage to our environment, and install them in a sustainable way. It is our policy to reduce waste, conserve energy and use sustainably sourced products and goods wherever possible.

Our environmental practices are underlined by our commitment to ISO 14001:2015 covering our environmental management systems. A copy of our Environment Policy is available on request.

Helping Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Saving energy and minimising environmental impact remains high on the UK corporate agenda. The Copenhagen Climate Change Summit raised awareness of the need to reach a global agreement around climate change and reduce its effect.

To compound green issues facing UK businesses, legislation now requires companies to disclose full details of their carbon footprint – the Carbon Reduction Commitment created the first legally binding long-term framework to cut carbon emissions with financial penalties for poor performers.

Take a look at the Environment page on each division’s website. A number of the products and services we offer can be used to help you reduce the environmental impact of your operation.

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