Commercial Window Film
and Blinds

Our window films can be applied to existing glass and windows providing a cost-effective way to upgrade existing glazing.


Partitions, Screens,
Curtains and Doors

We have a range of factory division and doorway solutions that will suit most applications, but we’re not afraid to go back to the drawing


Temporary Site

Here at Westgate we are constantly innovating and looking into new screening/hoarding ranges that will answer our clients’ needs.


Metal Eaves
and Cladding

Lockmetal is a specialist contractor with dedication and experience since 1989. We are well established in the industry

Welcome to Westgate

Aren’t we all looking for better quality, value, choice, service and innovation in today’s fast paced world? Since our launch in 1977, we established Westgate to embrace these traits as an organisation with strong traditional values that you’ll experience throughout all of our divisions: Through each, we excel in practical solutions to solve your requirements, ensuring your job runs smoothly and exceeding your expectations, and aim to become your preferred supply partner.

We are a family owned business with strong, personal and trustworthy ethics that extend throughout Westgate, our entire team and commercial relationships. Honesty and integrity are not throw away words with us, it is how we live our lives and operate in all our activity.

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